Medical officesSubtitle

We have decades of experience with medical facilities from small offices to multi-floor medical centers. From years of understanding the sensitivity and sanitary conditions associated with healthcare, you can have complete confidence in the best quality office cleaning jobs done at night  to keep your waiting areas presentable and your examining rooms impeccable at the start of everyday.

Golf course facilities and clubhousesubtitle

Florida is the golf capital of the world and southwest Florida is the epicenter. The high quality lifestyle of country club living demands the high quality services that we provide. We meticulously care for the facilities that golfers use everyday and they do use them everyday!

dealerships and showroomsSubtitle

Showrooms are a special place to showcase your most beautiful products. There is no question that the sizzle starts and ends with how well your valuable sales floor looks to the customer. We can handle all different surfaces, so you can concentrate on that next deal!

Real estate officesSubtitle

Before or after you show a property for sale, you will be consulting at your office. The client's opinion of you with rely on your appearance and professionalism. As you well know, you have so many variable to think about during your sales process, probably the last thing you will have on your mind is the cleanliness of your work environment. We make sure when you come back to the office, you don't have to worry about that too!

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A professional atmosphere begins with appearances. The clean environment you provide to your clients leaves them with the impression that you pay attention to details. 

Our office cleaning services are second to none

These are some of the types of properties we care for everyday...

Home owner's associations (hoa)

Everyone uses them and abuses them. Your family and guests walk through them on the way to your place in paradise. We specialize in maintaining these high traffic areas and make them look like an extension of your private space.